Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Funeral for the living

The blades
of the sickle moon
Shone upon her gray tresses
chopped after four decades
What remained
of the tapering gray
ponytailed wisp
was akin to amputated
leftover stumps

Slow, wheelchaired
when the plastic chair
broke under her weight
and much fidgeting around
She turned to each sound
With her hyperglycaemic gaze
Sisters came to conspire
Gave her sweetened tea
Behind my back
To cheer her bored sore afternoons

She died expected
And un- sudden
After tolerating
The foreign tube
in her balloonous tummy
for six long years

As a family
The crowd gathered
For the ritual mourning
It was tragedy
and a joke
and oh! Why didn’t he come?
The food was judged,
And so were the ritual songs
The singers
bend with age
braved the dusk
with a bared torso

Aunt, garlanded
and young
beyond the vagaries
of diabetes
from the gold gilded frame

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  1. Soibam, I love your power of observation, and I love how you can use the perfect words to put them into poetry.