Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ode to my Brother

I, Uninvited
at the hour of white garlands
will hide behind
the door of another coast
She will come to claim
the Gods I had forsaken long ago
The morning will begin
with her incense
and the night
locked in her embraces
I insist you keep a nook for me
a corner for me
safe from her infinite embraces
Her laughter
would waft
from the window
and erase
our evening tea of lemon
she will now garnish
the afternoon's limpid siesta
He and I will die,
and be born to new beginnings

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ode to my umbrella

My umbrella
Stood at the corner
shedding its profuse tears
Broken by snow
and rain
Conspired against
by wind and hail

Broken limbs
piercing its skin
Silver sunlight
filtered through
Every dusty droplet
left a grimy tattoo

I promised to
take him
some sun burnt evening
He would
spread his wings
close in on me
In his perforated embrace
In that great sea of nothingness
I would leave
clutching the sudden gold
seeping through the punctured roof

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