Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My lover, browned with sun

I met my lover
creased with life
smelling of worries
amongst loss
amongst departing summer

I met my lover
after september
and spring bursted suddenly
from the east
with purple sweet pea
in his vein
with thabal lei in his breath

My lover left
But will be back
browned with sun
chapped with wind
will bring fire and woods
will bring sun and spices
and a few more creases around his eyes
and a few more creases around his smile

My lover will come
and forgive me my friend
if I start believing in god again

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Friday, November 20, 2009

The tulsi of my courtyard

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My tanned lover

On such immense evenings
When poetry denies me
its words, its rhythm
With a whimper I recoil back
Envious of the words on your lips
Envious of the words on your pages
I go back to my wooden book rack
Bought on impulse
with my lover
one autumn dusk
It was the color of my lover
Tanned with the Newar sun
He had age behind him
I cling to his anecdotes
I have life ahead of me
He clings to my laughter

On such immense evenings
When poetry denies me
its words, its rhythm
I read the lines on his face
I read the map on his back
I knew he was an endless poem
The rhythm of Beas Kund
I had emptiness behind me
He clings to my anecdotes
He had happiness ahead of him
I cling to his heady brew

On such immense evenings
When poetry denies me
its words, its rhythm
I deny poetry my pen
And I read my lover with my hands

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To Shreema

We struggle
within ropes
plaited by known hands
silent feelings
from deep crevices
Tears from inner wells
had long dried
Happiness a fear fleeting
Sadness a comfort
To dwell in its perpetuity
While they
set forth in their journey
to discover
truths and self
You and I
journeyed within
for wombs of words
and verses
To discover
That dwells within

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Without you

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Silent sepia of dusk

The day went off to die
behind the silent sepia of dusk
behind the fireflies in the fields
The un-awaited chronology
arrived yet again
solemnly announced by ominous thunders
Along with the small hours of the night
Plunging onto the tarmac
Plunging into the drain
dripping with wind
bringing the nostalgic scent of earth

I gazed at a spent rainbow called yesterday
streaming down my window pane
I sailed my little white paper boats
shaped from a hastily folded letter of love
I saw it browned by mud
singularly navigating polythene bags and pebbles
sailing into the heart of the liquid ocean of the sky
Unaware of the silver dagger of lightning

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Monday, November 16, 2009


Just a whiff remains
of your sweat
besides my pillow
where you wept in ecstasy

Just a strand remains
tangled amongst my fingers
which ruffled tenderly
dark clouds of new moon

Just a moan remains
of your voice
bleeding amongst wounds
raging amongst fires
muffled amongst kisses
honeyed amongst songs
salted amongst tears
Leafless in autumn
And naked in winter

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Lets play
A game
Your state and my corporation
Weld them
To force minerals
Out of rivers
To force Bauxite
Out of hills
To force timbre
Out of forests

Lets play
A game
Your words and mine
To force people
Out of homes
To force farmers
Out of fields

Let’s play
A game
On this checked chessboard
Let’s stake the lands
and the tutelary deities
Let the river run dry
To quench our thirst
Let the mountains spew gold
To satiate our hunger
And when the earth is squeezed dry
Let us stake the universe
And the planets

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