Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Lets play
A game
Your state and my corporation
Weld them
To force minerals
Out of rivers
To force Bauxite
Out of hills
To force timbre
Out of forests

Lets play
A game
Your words and mine
To force people
Out of homes
To force farmers
Out of fields

Let’s play
A game
On this checked chessboard
Let’s stake the lands
and the tutelary deities
Let the river run dry
To quench our thirst
Let the mountains spew gold
To satiate our hunger
And when the earth is squeezed dry
Let us stake the universe
And the planets

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  1. a patriotism is inside u!! keep going .... i can see that u hav a bright future.

  2. freaking ausome..... wana c dem on manipuri news papers, let d general public knw d potentials of d state n d undyng spirit a young heart like d kind of urs posses,d willingness 2 do smthng gud n creativ 4 d state. hats off 4 u, 4 penning dwn such a creative poem instead of choosing doz old stuff delima stiken issues......