Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The season
has changed its tide
A horizon of irretrievable anguish
has splintered the streets
with the sorrow of sunsets
A thrown-away ring
leaves a pale band
on a lonely finger 
The inescapability of death
hovers like an inevitable storm
Shielded in you
I find some solace                                              
the strength to conceive eternity
An occlusion of nothingness
And rejoin
Gaze by gaze
Skin by skin

Friday, July 20, 2012

Love's demise

How inevitably
Sorrow sneaked up
After the rains
Squandered the night
Like bitter families and logic
Extracting dreams
From our happy slumber
Serpent of knowledge
They’d offer
Enticing pleading
Familial fruits
will erode our love
And trample the remnant
smooth brittle pebbles
I’d prefer a poisoned dart
rather than the gradual death
as if natural
But love’s demise
Is less dramatic
He succumbed
I survived