Saturday, July 18, 2009


Why love at all
If you can only love
At uncertain hours
Trying to strech
stolen moments to infinity

Why love at all
If it can only
exist in an axis
of time and space
hoving like an uncertain
leftover moon

Why love at all
If we have to hide
When the night
collapsed into the day
amongst the chaotic cries
of nocturnal insects

Why love
In some tedious rhythm
Fatigued by lies

Why love
against the borrowed rain
and borrowed sun
merging elsewhere
to create a rainbow

Why love
from a distance
like the haunting shadows of rhythm
of a faraway laiharaoba

Why love
If you have to depart
at the end of each day
Against the grainy evening


  1. Now it is time for us to ask ourselves, why can't we can't we love ourself.....why should we stand for a person who doesn't know the worth of your life....lets free ourselves...

  2. Interesting comments.. but hey.. not an experiencial poem :)

  3. Awesome!!

    Isnt it interesting that inspite of all this we do love again?!!!