Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nambul turel

It flowed
In darkness
of deep nights

Descending into the deserted city
of porous amnesia
Raindrops slither un-willing
its crystal droplets
to merge with
the monochrome of dark liquid leftovers

We discarded the fluid waste
and threw away
the dried crumbling bunch of forgotten roses
whose stench had no memory
of red fragrance of love

We washed away ages of delusion
and brought in a new river
that echoes of meandering sparkles
And it rained crystals that night ©

For Mawmi... for the optimism she gives me and most importantly for loving herself and teaching me to love me


  1. soooooooo beautiful,.......forgotten roses whose stench had no memory of red fragance of love.hw u cum up with such beautiful words still amazes u

  2. well i will write one more for certainly deserve more than one of the best that i can write