Sunday, February 7, 2010

every visit
we seek that night
we came crawling
with laughter
drunk with caffeine
but drunk enough
with the heavy night
and secrets within
knowing yours
knowing mine
was all the same
we needed to steal
some smiles
in between
a menu card
provided us the cue
you were clutching it
with eyes of laughing tears
the evening rose
with our laughter
our love for the moon
will be to our doom
moonstruck tears
were sudden and swift
as secrets spill over
the bedspread of the night
spreading our sorrows
together with crystals
in our hands
we cupped and inhaled
the lemon and salt
of our wound
and we knew
every visit
we will seek this night ©

For chao, shree and that night in the coffee shop... for the tears of laughter, for more visits
BTW we still haven't returned their menu card :)

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