Thursday, March 26, 2009

Five-days' untouchable

Is this blood of life
Merely to mark me impure
For Genesis says
I am not a creator, but created
Created from a man

For five days
Quarantined from the rest
By this unholy fluid
Wrapped with untouchable phanek
Phanek after Phanek
Carrying my untouchable-ness
Accused piece of cloth
Contaminated for a lifetime

Neither nocturnal tryst nor daytime assault
Defile the hands that tore it away
Yet lying apart from me
In the pale weatherbeaten bamboo polankhok
He watched the muga fabric
Soak up the rain
Droplets after droplets

[For Shreema and Chaoba and all the evening talks- anger, laughter, coffee and other stuffs .. Hoping for more such days to come]


  1. Thanks dear for the beautiful poem. We are really fortunate to have you around. Tons of thanks to Ranjan Yumnam & E-pao for bringing the three musketeers together. You are just great!!
    Lots of love for you.

  2. the best thing I have read in the last nine hours!!!! but seriously it is really good ... I read it in epao just a few moments back. And I had to compliment you on it. So I googled you up n here i am.

    "He watched the muga fabric
    Soak up the rain
    Droplets after droplets"

    ... too good.

    great work .. keep going

  3. I'm floored!! Have never seen womanhood expressed so well. Good going girl! I love it...

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  5. For an undying reason your words enchant me,
    insomnia flooded me. Grt...

  6. Seriously, I really love this. Found this by chance; one of the best I read written by a Manipuri woman about Manipuri men.