Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Houdong Lamboiba

Ascetic cat in ochre robe
He is holy, he has given up ngari
Though in the night he is seen
Drinking blood from wine glass
At the Mantri's party

Morning he stands and judge
Our every deed
I saw him in I.S. TV
Chopping a mother's tresses
Mother's face swollen blue
She hid behind worn out hands
Smaller crooks he can't stand
Bigger ones are his friend

Ascetic cat heard the news
Preying has taught him patience, he waits
For him to be released
Or to be found dead and discarded
The body was found
We stood in 2- minutes' silence
Tharet Makhai news read out
Organisations condemning the killing
The list ran 5-minutes' long

The righteousness of chopping
A mothers' tresses
Burning a father's wine shop
All disappeared
Ascetic cat stood lamely and says-
Marileinaba authority-na thigatpiyu
Surrendering the 'case' to 'concerned authority'
Smaller crooks he can't stand
Bigger ones are his friend
He has exchanged his ochre robes
For a neta's suit
Concealing his black heart
Under a white coat

1 comment:

  1. Yengbabu heiradi kumheigi kumhei ngaktani,
    Munna khaljalladi arubagi aruba ngaktani.
    ...Keep writing.