Friday, August 14, 2009

15th August

The city of the day was peeled off
The city of the night emerged
At around midnight outstretched on the pavements
The long winding endless tarmac
Bringing memories of
A brook that flowed
Someplace called home
The breeze
Emanating the days’ heat
Along with stench of urine
Betel nut stained pavement
With slabs of stubborn mucous
Forced from unwilling throats
I make my bed

And then the grand day arrived
15th August
Where we
An eyesore to be
Concealed from view
Horded together
We of innumerable feet
-all feet and walking ceaselessly
We of innumerable hands
-all hands tirelessly toiling
In utter silence of centuries
Disappear with the receding shadows ©

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