Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Name

You who visit me
In the dead of the night
Away from prying eyes

To close the day
And open tender folds of moonlight

To remember another
In a faraway land

To close hurt
By inflicting me with fresh stabs

You who visit me
With numerous feet
Disappear at dawn
Leave footprints and money
to be blown away soon
By October's wind
I, whom you visit
Called by numerous names
And you of numerous feet
Have no name

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  1. He who visited you
    please don't despise
    He who visited you
    blushed at your smile
    He who visited you
    has a name
    He who visited you
    wishes you success
    He who visited you
    apologize ... :-)

  2. Hey Hari,
    Good collection of your poems...I liked this one most from the list.