Tuesday, March 23, 2010

....And we leave patches

What do I tell you
how it is
When from a distance
I watch the evening
dark and deep
into the arms of day
The sun recedes
in the deep embrace
of the brooding hills
Then you arrived
to divide up
our lot
Yours and mine
Divide up
How is it?
How do we
cut apart
this book
we wrote
with stars
and half a moon
How do we
Was it yours or mine?
A question
to my answer
An answer
to my question
Would the sun
wait not for dawn
Would the hills
wait not for dusk
What do I tell you
how it is
How do we
you in me
me in you
And we leave
of holes
what we wove
each carrying
a tattered bit
What do I ask now?
Would we seek
another loom
another thread?
or take our tattered bits
towards where
the brooding hills
embraces the sun

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