Thursday, March 4, 2010


He made me touch
green of the foliage
told me
its a camouflage
hunger and surplus
He grieved
his land called red
when it was
green in monsoon
yellow in autumn
His earth
a riot of colour
Red isn't one of them
he explained
He gave me flowers
like cotton
like clouds
like yellowed half of a pumpkin
like yellowed strands of straw
Red is something else
he said
and offered me berries
of scarlet
Red was the vermillion
on the women's forehead
Red the flowers
on her hair
not easily untangled
he told me
but Brown is it
he decided
the brown of hunger
the brown bark of unyielding earth
Red terror
the hysterical reporter
over the screen
Red is just
the Palash flowers
he wept
heaving his body
tattooed with Gond tales ©

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